The Archive – A conversation with the collection of Cultivamos Cultura

From 20th of May | 11th of June, 2017

Look and Experience: Archive Interferences
This exhibition presents a selection of works from the Cultivamos Cultura collection on the theme of perception and cultural mediation and appropriation of science in contemporary art. The collection, exhibition and curation present a new experimental look that adds objects, thoughts and fragments of culture that continuously generate something uncorrupted. The look on the collection / archive proposes multiple narratives inviting to the experience of new connections with the Museum of Penafiel, the city of Penafiel and the ISCE Douro.

Curatorship: Maria Manuela Lopes
Cultivamos Cultura – Associação Cultural
Museu Municipal de Penafiel
DGArtes (Direção-Geral das Artes)
ISCE Douro
Praxis & Poiesis (ID+ – Instituto de Investigação em Design, Media e Cultura)
Ectopia – Laboratório de Artes Experimental
I3S (Instituto de Investigação e Inovação em Saúde)

André Cepeda / Andrew Carnie / António Caramelo / Beatriz da Costa / Edmundo Correia / Erich Berger / Gilberto Reis / Herwig Turk / Jennifer Willet / Kathy High / Ken Rinaldo / Kira O’Reilly / Laura Beloff e Maria Antonia Gonzalez / Manuel Valente Alves / Maria Lúcia Cruz Correia / Maria Manuela Lopes / Marta de Menezes / Miguel Palma / Moirika Reker / Paulo Bernardino Bastos / Ricardo Guerreiro Campos / Sérgio Eliseu / Tagny Duff / Teresa Carneiro / Tissue Culture and Art / Wellington Junior

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