Summer School 2014 – Origin and Limit – Run by Marta de Menezes


7th – 11th, 14th – 18th, 21th – 25th of July of 2014

Contemporary Art and Life Sciences on the intersection of Art, Technology and Environment. Theme of 2014: Origin and Limit.



The intersection of Art, Biology and the Environment offer unique opportunities to visual artists. This innovative summer course will allow non-specialists to acquire theoretical and practical skills in biological and environmental sciences in connection to the visual arts.


The Summer School explores the interdisciplinary relationship between art, life and environmental sciences through hands-on exercises, combining theory and practice in an informal environment, e.g.: seminars, debates, visits, and the creation of artworks with biological media.

The activities will address issues such as the cultural representations of technology and science, ethical concerns and the evolution of bioart as a cultural phenomenon. One week program with the opportunity to exted the stay for one or two additional weeks to develop an art project in a collaborative environment. This year’s main focus will be on the concepts of origin and limit.

The practical component will focus on  hands-on exercises in the laboratory, workshop, and within the natural environment. The possibility of transforming abstract concepts into art objects, the collection and selection of organisms for artistic purposes will be highlighted, and, finally, visits to different parts of the natural park, will take place.


Marta de Menezes, artista, curator, art director of Cultivamos Cultura Maria Antónia Gonzales Valerio, Professor of Philosophy at UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico) Luis Graca, MD, PhD, Head of Cellular Immunology Unit and Professor at the University of Lisbon Medical School.

  • Mundo Montado
  • Camara Municipal de Odemira
  • Ectopia
  • Naturarte

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