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A HUMANISED BUTTERFLY NAMED LEDA MELANITIS  A work of inserting a human gene (artists‘ Melanitis Yiannis) in a butterfly (species: Leda Melanitis) Yiannis Melanitis’s gene will be micro-injected into the butterfly named Leda Melanitis (the Common Evening Brown of the Containing group: Melanitini, Linnaeus 1758 ). The gene of the artist will be inserted in the genome of the butterfly which is sharing the same name.

Marta de Menezes (PORTUGAL) and Yiannis Melanitis (GREECE) With the collaboration of Antonia Monteiro, Yale University (USA)


Tags: installation, live organisms, genetic manipulation, genes, bioart, manipulation, butterflies, biology, art, pattern, wing, lifespan, evolution biology.

Keywords: DNA, genes, identity, live organisms, manipulation