Museum for Insects

Museum for insects


Located inside the Peabody Essex Museum, we are an insect-sized museum that features artwork specifically created for house crickets. Inside, crickets can interact with hands-on/legs-on exhibits, enjoy food and drink from the café and experience live humans, both through a picture window and through a videophone chat that connects the Museum for Insects to the humans visiting the Peabody Essex Museum. Humans visiting us from the internet can visit ourlive webcam, and can activate a cricket puppet and electronic chirping instruments located within.

All are welcome to visit the current exhibition Telepresent Animal Hall of Fame, curated by Doo-Sung Yoo, which includes student artwork developed in theTelepresent Animal course at the Ohio State University. We hope this experience provides a platform for communication, appreciation and aesthetic pleasure across species.

– Amy M. YoungsArtist and Director of the Museum for Insects

with Doo-sung Yoo Ken Rinaldo Marta De Menezes Kira O’ReillyMaria Fernanda Cardoso Brandon Ballengée Dmitry Bulatov Garnet HertzKathy High Laura Beloff Alexis Rockman, Elio Caccavale, Art Oriente Objet,TradeMark Gunderson Bill Randall, Miranda Link, Jessica Ann, Katelyn Messenger, David Johnson, Danielle Popp, McKenzie Wilhelm, Charlie Cataline and Gigi Fournier.

Showcasing artwork created for cricket and human interaction. Through techno-interfaces we can enjoy art together

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