i / Material

from 10th to 27th of November

The search for new materials to express visual concepts has been a constant research process. Already the first artists investigated different pigments to transmit visual ideas in the wall of their caves. There are many artists currently investigating new processes and technologies that offer opportunities for the manifestation of creativity in the visual arts. The iMaterial exhibition shows examples of experimentation in art where they punctuate new materials (biological, chemical, electronic or even immaterial), as well as the application of technology in creative processes.

The exhibition brings together artists at different stages of their career, including reference artists in experimental art (Stelarc, Kathy High, Kira O’Reilly, Marta de Menezes, among others) and younger artists. Another feature of the exhibition is the fact that most of the works resulted from artistic residences that took place at Cultivamos Cultura (on the Alentejo Coast) in collaboration with Portuguese institutions.

The selected works have a high conceptual density, where several levels of complexity coexist. For example The Third Ear of Stelarc is a rapid prototyping mold of his arm where he implanted a third ear. In this case, the limit of what is the work of art, the role of the author, the dichotomy representation – real object, are issues raised by a seemingly simple object.

As a whole, the experimental nature of the works reflects what Cultivamos Cultura’s work philosophy has been and aims to present a challenge for the new generation of artists.

Adam Zaretsky / Alex May / Anna Dumitriu / Antonio Caramelo / Jelena Matičic / Kacie Aufret / Kathy High / Kira O’Reilly / Maria Manuela Lopes / Marta de Menezes / Nina Sellers / Stelarc.

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