European Public Art Centre – Ectopia and Marta de Menezes are curating António Caramelo’s Work at Palacio Galveias’ Garden.

European Public Art Centre – EPAC is programme which consists of eight multipurpose outdoor exhibition spaces established in eight participating countries (Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Portugal, Spain, Poland, United Kingdom and Iceland), first exhibition in the centre – Public Technologies simultaneously taking place in all countries involved and focussing on collaboration between art and science, workshops Art/Science/Technologies, roundtable discussion Art Technologies, seminar Public Technologies and launch of network CAST (Contemporary Art, Science and Technologies).

The primary aim of programme European Public Art Centre – EPAC is to found the first public art centre in Europe that exists and have permanent physical exhibition spaces in most European countries, to foster interdisciplinary contemporary culture and particularly collaboration between art and science, to create experimental visual art projects in public space that seek innovative solutions for breaking down elitism in artistic and cultural space through openness and accessibility, to involve passive segments of society in cultural processes and the integration of Europe’s cultures.

António Caramelo (1969)

Master degree on digital art’s at MECAD (Media Centre of Art and Design), Barcelona, 2005/2006
Teaches at the University of Évora, Portugal, in particular Media Arts classes in the Department of Visual Arts, since 2001.
As Visual Artist he has collaborated on several projects in different areas such as Sound, Dance and Theatre, working with real-time audiovisual systems.
Participates in several art exhibitions since 1997, mostly in Portugal, but also in Spain, Scotland, USA, Germany, Norway and Finland.
Lives in Portugal.

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