Curatorial Work

Introductory text:

I believe curatorial work can have an experimental strategy, similar to my approach to the creation of artworks. When curating an exhibition I strive to express a concept through the selection of works and artists. Often, such concept is related to the exploration of new avenues in the visual art practices. Thus, I prefer not to be restricted to the field of art and biology, where I work as an artist, but rather to explore other creative avenues using different media in experimental arts.

The experimental process leading to the development of an idea and its formalization using the most adequate medium is a key event. As a consequence, the hosting of residencies (frequently in collaboration with research institutions) is an important part of the curatorial process. On the same note, this process is usually an excellent trigger for a broad discussion across many disciplines such as art, science, sociology, philosophy, and ethics.

FACTT – Transdisciplinary and Transnationa Art and Science Festival. 2017
First Edition of the anual festival co-curated by Marta de Menezes, Manuel Furtado dos Santos and Pedro Arrifano, Promoted and produced by Arte Institute New York. The festival takes place in Lisbon, Portugal, New York City, USA and Mexico City, Mexico in partnership with the School of Visual Arts and the New York University in the USA and with the UNAM and the Tepeplan Museum in Mexico City in Mexico.

Historias e Pontos 2016, Cultivamos Cultura, São Luis, Portugal.

Entrpontos 2016, Cultivamos Cultura, São Luis, Portugal.

Pontos 2016, Biblioteca Municipal de Odemira; Odemira; Portugal.

Ser/Serendipity 2015, Biblioteca Municipal de Odemira; Odemira; Portugal.

Sul – Sal 2015, Verbeke Museum; Antwerp; Belgium. Curator: Marta de Menezes and Geert Verbeke.

Summer Exhibition 2014, Cultivamos Cultura, São Luis, Portugal.

I / Material 2015, Faculty of Fine Arts Gallery of the University of Lisbon; Lisbon; Portugal.

SummerTime 2015, Cultivamos Cultura; Odemira; Portugal.

Just40 2015, Cultivamos Cultura; Odemira; Portugal.

Sul – Sol, Verbeke Museum; Antwerp; Belgium.

Summer Exhibition 2014, Cultivamos Cultura, São Luis, Portugal.

It’s About Time! , Touch Me Festival 2014, Art Science and Technology Triennial, Zagreb, Croatia.

Sul – Sal, Biblioteca Municipal de Odemira; Odemira; Portugal.

Sul – Sol, Biblioteca Municipal de Odemira; Odemira; Portugal.

Spring Exhibition 2013, Cultivamos Cultura, São Luis, Portugal.

Emergências2012, Guimarães2012 European Capital of Culture. Guimarães, Portugal (

Exhibition dedicated to research in new media in the visual arts.

Cultivamos Cultura 2012, Odemira, Portugal

Exhibition of new media works from the collection of MEIAC (Spain), together with selected artists that developed works during residencies at Cultivamos Cultura.

European Public Art Center (European Network), Lisbon and London 2011/2012.

Two exhibitions in the public space with the Portuguese artist António Caramelo (Dreaming of a Butterfly) and the Latvian artist Gints Gebrents (The Nerves). Both artists exhibited their work in Lisbon and in a different country (London and Riga, respectively).

Hybrid 2008 – Museu Nacional Soares dos Reis, Porto, Portugal. (

International exhibition of artworks using biology as artmedia, with the participation of George Gessert, Marta de Menezes, MARIONET, Kira O’Reilly, Kathleen Rogers, Maria Manuela Lopes, Soraya Vasconcelos, Jennifer Willet and the Tissue Culture & Art Project. It was accompanied by a conference.

Residency program for Cultivamos Cultura – 2009- present. (
Residency program involving artists of different disciplines including art and robotics (Ken Rinaldo, Amy Youngs, Peter Flemming, Darsha Hewitt), bioart (Kira O’Reilly, Marta de Menezes), photography (André Cepeda), performance (Paper Cinema, Kira O’Reilly), electronic art (Arcangel Constantini, Roman Kirschner, André Sier), social community (Teresa Carneiro).

Residency program for Ectopia  – 2005 – present. (
Coordination of residencies involving the collaboration of artists with research institutes where they perform the creative work. These institutes included Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciencia (Marta de Menezes, Maria Manuela Lopes, Lucy Lions, Inês Rato, Rita Cachão), Instituto de Medicina Molecular (Maria Manuela Lopes, Tagny Duff), Faculdade de Farmácia da Universidade de Lisboa (Tagny Duff), Centro de Computação Gráfica da Universidade do Minho (Arcangel Constantini, André Sier).