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Marta de Menezes and Luis Graça will be in Athens this month!


 The BioArt project, “BioArt: Borders and definitions. Research project for the development of a widely accepted deontological framework of its production and management”, is implemented by the Technological Educational Institute of Athens (TEI of Athens) coordinated by the Dept. Conservation of Antiquities and Works of Art in collaboration with researchers from the Panteion University of Athens and Columbia University (USA).

The project started on April 1st, 2012 and has duration of 30 months (the project has been extended until June 30th , 2015). In the framework of the project, an e-workshop of experts entitled “Collecting and Display BioArt: Ethics and Guidelines” will be implemented. The final outcome of the research project will be presented at an International Workshop which will be hosted in TEI of Athens in April 24th 2015.


Marta de Menezes & Luis Graça: ‘Nesmrtnost za dva’ / ‘Immortality for Two’ – Exhibition Opening and Lecture

'Immortality for Two' - Exhibition Opening and -1


In recent years, immortal cell lines, usually derived from cancer cells collected from patients, have become an important tool in biomedical research. In Immortality for two, white blood cells – lymphocytes – will be collected from both authors and transformed in the laboratory in order to acquire characteristics of immortality. Marta de Menezes will immortalise Luis’ cells, and vice-versa. This will be achieved using a viral vector to introduce oncogenes (cancer inducing genes) in the cells – something that is today a standard experimental procedure. This way two immortal cell lines containing the complete genomic information of the two people will be generated. The two immortal cell lines are derived from immune cells, which are involved in the body’s defence. Thus, those cells will reject cells from a different origin, in the same way a transplanted organ is rejected. Therefore, the final irony of the artwork is the realization that although the cell lines are derived from two individuals who like to be together and love each other, immortality comes at a price – and that price is isolation. Thus, the two immortal cell lines can only be together artificially, in the space where their digital video projections intersect. These cells will outlive the bodies from which they were originally derived and, in principle, it would be possible to clone a new body from the immortal cells.


Photo: Miran Kramar for KONTEJNER | biro suvremene umjetničke prakse/ Touch Me Festival, Zagreb

Thanks to: Strip Core / Forum Ljubljana

The project is developed in partnership with Cultivamos Cultura and its presentation in Ljubljana supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and Municipality of Ljubljana – Department for Culture.



Meet the Finalists


Our finalists come from every walk of life and background imaginable, from seasoned academics who have studied their industry for years, to normal people whose lives changed through a single experience. We asked them about their story: what inspired them to do what they do, what challenges and obstacles they have faced along the way, and advice that they may have for the budding world-changer. Click on the profiles in this section to read what many of them have to say.

- See more at:

On November 13th and 14th, 2014, at the TIME Conference Center in New York City, many of the most innovative people and organizations in the science and technology world will join together for an historic gathering – the 2014 World Technology Summit & Awards – to celebrate each other’s accomplishments; to explore what is imminent, possible, and important in and around emerging technologies; and to create the kinds of serendipitous relationships that create the future.

The majority of Summit participants will be either current WTN members (primarily winners/finalists from previous World Technology Awards cycles, as selected by their peers as those doing the innovative work of “the greatest likely long-term significance”) or 2014 World Technology Award nominees. A combination of keynote talks, panel discussions, and breakout sessions and career-altering networking opportunities over both days will conclude with a gala black-tie Awards ceremony on the second night of the event. – See more at:

“The Brain” exhibition in the Daejong Museum of Art in Korea

더 브레인 The Brain

프로젝트대전 2014 Project Daejeon 2014展   2014_1122 ▶ 2015_0208

관람시간 / 10:00am~06:00pm / 금요일_10:00am~09:00pm / 월요일 휴관
대전시립미술관 DAEJEON MUSEUM OF ART 대전시 서구 둔산대로 155 전관 Tel. +82.42.602.3200



Screen shot 2014-11-18 at 09.14.55


Autómato Vivo – A Vida, um Artifício Natural? exposição no MUNHAC comissariada por Adelino Cardoso e Manuel Valente Alves

Autómato Vivo – A Vida, um Artifício Natural?

Inaugura no dia 21 de Novembro ás 18h30 no MUNHAC e estará aberta ao público cerca de 3 meses.


Na transição do século XVII ao XVIII, há toda uma corrente médico-filosófica
que concebe o organismo como uma máquina apta a executar por si, mecânica e
automaticamente, o conjunto das operações vitais. Tal concepção, inspirada no
funcionamento dos “autómatos espirituais”, revelou-se profundamente inovadora,
mas não isenta de problemas. A Exposição “O Autómato vivo” visa aprofundar a
fecundidade e as dificuldades intrínsecas à noção de vida como o mais belo dos
artifícios, cruzando arte, ciência e natureza.

Parte do projecto de investigação O conceito de natureza no pensamento médico-filosófico na transição do século XVII ao XVIII do Centro de História da Cultura da Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Coordenação geral do projecto: Adelino Cardoso. Financiamento: Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian e FCT)

4th TOUCH ME Festival! TOUCH ME FESTIVAL: It’s about TIME!


Touch Me Festival: It’s about time!

“Time is an observed phenomenon, by means of which human beings sense and record changes in the environment and in the universe. A literal definition is elusive. Time has been called an illusion, a dimension, a smooth-flowing continuum, and an expression of separation among events that occur in the same physical location.” Their fascination with time will present renominated artists from Netherlands,Portugal, Great Britan, Slovenia, Croatia and more.

The artistic and scientific works we are presenting at the exhibition consider the phenomenon of time from differing perspectives. Caramelo, Imafuku & Haramura, Petrič and Franke are concerned with natural phenomena, intervals and rhythms. Antonio Caramelo introduces us to an interactive world of clouds, enabling us to speed up or slow down the rhythms of nature at will. Ivana Franke permits us to recreate the experience of a mighty storm complete with thunder and lightning in a closed space. The focus of her work is on the intervals of the lightning flashes and the expectation of the thunder that is still to arrive.

Soon more information about the upcoming festival on ournew website!

Projekt concept: KONTEJNER | bureau for contemporary art praxis
Curatorial team: Olga Majcen Linn and Sunčica Ostoić | KONTEJNER, Marta de Menezes | Cultivamos Cultura
Partners: Klovićevi dvori Gallery, Zagreb; Cultivamos Cultura, São Luís, Portugal; Stichting Synergetica Lab, Amsterdam; Institute for Physics, Zagreb; Croatian Film Assosiation,Zagreb 
Project is supported by: National Foundation for Civil Society Development; City of Zagreb; Ministry of Culture of Republic Croatia; Austrian Culture Forum Zagreb; Kultura Nova Foundation


Ao Sol – Exhibition in Ourique – a partnership with Atalaia Association

Ao Sol: A Temporary Route of Contemporary Art
1 de Julho, 2014

The project came about with a partnership between ATALAIA ­- Associação dos Amigos da Cultura e das Artes,  the Câmara Municipal de Ourique and Cultivamos Cultura. The purpose is the present in eight public and institutional spaces of the county an itinerary of experimental art, using science and technology to develop new ways of artistic expression.
The works will be shown in the towns of Ourique, Aljustrel, Almodôvar and Garvão. The works use media that include chemical processes, physical phenomena, biology, electronics and computer science, as well as virtual reality, installation, robotics, video art and digital art. The artists will be: António Caramelo, Kira O’Reilly, Maria Lúcia Cruz Correia, Maria Manuela Lopes, André Cepeda, Yann Marussich e Marta de Menezes.


Summer School 2014 – Origin and Limit – Run by Marta de Menezes


7th – 11th, 14th – 18th, 21th – 25th of July of 2014

Contemporary Art and Life Sciences on the intersection of Art, Technology and Environment. Theme of 2014: Origin and Limit.



The intersection of Art, Biology and the Environment offer unique opportunities to visual artists. This innovative summer course will allow non-specialists to acquire theoretical and practical skills in biological and environmental sciences in connection to the visual arts.


The Summer School explores the interdisciplinary relationship between art, life and environmental sciences through hands-on exercises, combining theory and practice in an informal environment, e.g.: seminars, debates, visits, and the creation of artworks with biological media.

The activities will address issues such as the cultural representations of technology and science, ethical concerns and the evolution of bioart as a cultural phenomenon. One week program with the opportunity to exted the stay for one or two additional weeks to develop an art project in a collaborative environment. This year’s main focus will be on the concepts of origin and limit.

The practical component will focus on  hands-on exercises in the laboratory, workshop, and within the natural environment. The possibility of transforming abstract concepts into art objects, the collection and selection of organisms for artistic purposes will be highlighted, and, finally, visits to different parts of the natural park, will take place.


Marta de Menezes, artista, curator, art director of Cultivamos Cultura Maria Antónia Gonzales Valerio, Professor of Philosophy at UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico) Luis Graca, MD, PhD, Head of Cellular Immunology Unit and Professor at the University of Lisbon Medical School.

  • Mundo Montado
  • Camara Municipal de Odemira
  • Ectopia
  • Naturarte

SULSOL at Verbeke Foundation Museum! Exhibition Curated by Marta de Menezes


Verbeke Museum – From 18th May | 28th September of 2014

Our Exhibition is traveling to Belgium!


Sol-Sul is the culmination of one year of activities at Cultivamos Cultura and a co-production with the Museum MEIAC, in Spain, and the Verbeke Foundation in Belgium. This exhibition gathers a set of international artists with recognized merit in several visual arts disciplines.

Artists: António Caramelo; Bios Ex Machina; France Cadet; Han Hoogerbrugge; Herwig Turk; Ivan Henriques; Kevin van Braak; Kira O’Reilly; Maria Lúcia Cruz Correia; Marta de Menezes; Martin uit den Bogaard; Peter Flemming and Darsha Hewitt; Young-hae Cheng Heavy Industries


SCIENCE & ART: SO DIFFERENT, SO SIMILAR! Course for Teachers in Santiago de Compostela



 13 April to 19 April 2014 (Easter week) 

Santiago de Compostela, Spain

On the Comenius-Grundtvig Database with the reference number:

ES-2013-353-002  or this PDF document (169 kB)