Bioart/Summer School!

Contemporay Art and Life Sciences


july 29 – august 02



Bioart: Contemporary Art and Life Sciences is an innovative summer course that will allow non-specialist to acquire theoretical and practical skills in the biological sciences in its connection to the visual arts. This course is therefore a crossover between the visual arts and biology for students, researchers and others who want to explore the interdisciplinary relationship in the intersections between art and life sciences through a hands-on exercise: seminars, visits and the creation of artworks by biological means are some of the topics that will be explored.


The Bioarte course results of a combination of theoretical seminars, which will address issues such as the cultural representations of technoscience, ethical issues and cultural of bioart. A practical component that will focus in hands-on exercises, where it will highlighted the possibility of transforming scientific ideas and abstract concepts into art objects, the collection and selection of organisms for artistic purposes and, finally, attended visits to the Biotechnology Laboratories of the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria.
Across the course, it will be provided a vast cultural program.


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