Being a Resident

Cultivamos Cultura hosts resident creators for periods up to 4 months. During the residency, creators are encouraged to engage in activities with local communities, including schools. It is expected that a record of the activities pursued during the residency will remain in our archives.

Cultivamos Cultura encourages unusual outcomes from residencies, namely through performances, open lectures, informal round tables or exhibitions, as well as interactions with the local community.

Three types of residencies are currently being conducted:

Production residencies: with a variable duration (from 3 weeks to 4 months). Residents will perform research and production of specific artworks that will remain in Cultivamos Cultura or its surrounding area. These artworks will become integrated in the visitors itinerary, and contribute to the local cultural offer.

Special residencies: occasionally Cultivamos Cultura commissions themed residencies, by inviting groups of artists, as an incentive for the creation and production of specific projects that will take form at Cultivamos Cultura or in other locations.

Knowledge residencies: Cultivamos Cultura hosts research groups, from any field (including performing arts, science, and humanities) of up to 12 people for short residencies (2 to 10 days). We feel these type of residencies are important for the discussion of topics related to creativity. The proceedings of these meetings should become part of Cultivamos Cultura archives and made available to the public.

How to propose a residency: Simply send your proposal by email with all relevant details for its evaluation.

Prospective residents are strongly encouraged to contact relevant cultural and scientific entities from their native countries to apply for financial support to supplement available funds. Cultivamos Cultura will provide all the assistance necessary with these applications.

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