Ao Sol – Exhibition in Ourique – a partnership with Atalaia Association

Ao Sol: A Temporary Route of Contemporary Art
1 de Julho, 2014

The project came about with a partnership between ATALAIA ­- Associação dos Amigos da Cultura e das Artes,  the Câmara Municipal de Ourique and Cultivamos Cultura. The purpose is the present in eight public and institutional spaces of the county an itinerary of experimental art, using science and technology to develop new ways of artistic expression.
The works will be shown in the towns of Ourique, Aljustrel, Almodôvar and Garvão. The works use media that include chemical processes, physical phenomena, biology, electronics and computer science, as well as virtual reality, installation, robotics, video art and digital art. The artists will be: António Caramelo, Kira O’Reilly, Maria Lúcia Cruz Correia, Maria Manuela Lopes, André Cepeda, Yann Marussich e Marta de Menezes.


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